OJJAARA (momelotinib) tablets, for oral use Initial U.S. Approval: 2023

OJJAARA is used to treat a certain type of cancer (myelofibrosis) in people with anemia (low red blood cell count). Momelotinib belongs to a class of drugs known as kinase inhibitors. It works by blocking your body from producing substances called growth factors.

Brand Name: OJJAARA
Generic Name: momelotinib
Strength: • Tablets: 100 mg, 150 mg, 200 mg.
Manufacturer: GlaxoSmithKline
Approved By: EMA, USFDA

Source Details: Patient Information

IPN, New Delhi can facilitate patient to import of “OJJAARA (momelotinib) tablets” in small quantities for personal use. For this applicant is required to make an application in Form 12A, along with the prescription of the Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP). If you have any question, please email IPN healthcare Support Team for OJJAARA (momelotinib) tablets price list or cost in India. on Mr. Tarun:- +91 9891 296 838 / Mr. Neeraj:- +91 9811 747 774.

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