FDA Approved Medicines for Patient

Indian Generic Prescription Medicines for Patient

Indian Pharma Network

Group of highly qualified professionals of pharmaceutical Industry

  • Having more than 20 years of experience of Specialty Pharmaceutical distribution.
  • Supplying innovator and generic products at the most competitive prices.
  • Delivering the right drug to the right patient / institution at the right time across globe.
  • Dedicated to service patients, the medical community and healthcare industry.
  • Design and Implement Patient assistance programs.
  • We strongly believe in :- Transparency, Efficiency, Quick Response, Competitive pricing, Fast Delivery,

Indian Pharma Network Services

Partnering available medicines

To Ensure Facilitation of procurement of all imported Medicines unavailable in India at the best price for the patient.

Bringing Cure………Bringing Hope

People have the best cures available to them and have much more hope that their family members have gotten the best medicines in the world for them.

Cold Chain Management

Take complete arrangements and precautions for proper Delivery of cold chain during the transit till the receiving by patient.

Innovators Brands Available

Help patient to access Indian genuine innovators medicines which are compatible and consistent with FDA standards.